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Hi Everyone

This is the link to my website:

I've updated most of July for now, and I will constantly review it over the next week or two, as the staff are getting back to work and organised, to see if they update their gig guides with a bit of entertainment. Easts updated today and are putting on solo acts on Friday and Saturday nights for this month. Others may update too now, so I'll try and keep an eye on the ones I expect would put entertainment on, as I get time.  I am still working full time and am on Nana duties this weekend. Pauline.


- Private, non-commercial (e.g. home) gatherings of up to 100 with friends and family

- Weddings and funerals (max 100 people)

- Maximum number of persons at museums, art galleries, libraries and historic sites determined by the one person per 4 square metre rule.

- Sport, recreation and fitness organisations when following a COVID Safe Industry Plan:

  - resumption of activity including competition and physical contact is permitted on the field of play

  - Indoor sports facilities can open with one person per 4 square metres (off the field of play)

  - Outdoor sports facilities can open with physical distancing (off the field of play).

Businesses and Economy

- Maximum number of customers for a business at any one time is determined by the 4 square metre rule.

- For smaller venues below 200 square metres, businesses can have one person per 2 square metres up to 50 persons at a time.

- The following businesses and areas may re-open with a COVID Safe Plan:

  - Casinos, gaming and gambling venues (including electronic gaming machines).

  - non-therapeutic massage

  - saunas and bathhouses

  - nightclubs

  - Food courts

- Office-based workers can return to their place of work

- Up to 25,000 spectators or 50% of capacity (whichever is the lesser) at Queensland's Major Sports Facilities, with a COVID Safe Plan

- Concert venues, theatres and autitoriums can open and have up to 50% capacity or one person per 4 square metres (whichever is the greater), with a COVID Safe Plan

- More events allowed:

  - fewer than 500 people - no approval needed when following a COVID Safe Event Checklist

  - 500 to 10,000 people - need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by local public health units

  -over 10,000 people - need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the Queensland Chief Health Officer

- COVID Safe Industry Plans continue to apply with revisions to reflect changes in Stage 3.

COVID Safe Checklists continue to apply.



From 12 noon 3 July 2020.

- Due to the current community transmission levels, the border with VIC will remain closed and be strengthened.

- Any person (whether a QLD resident or non-QLD resident) who has been in any loval government area within the state of VIC within the last 14 days should not come to QLD. If they do, they must undergo mandatory quarantine in a hotel at their own expense for a minimum of 14 days.

- Qld residents must not travel to any local government area in VIC.

- The Qld Government will implement enhanced border control measures, including border passes and identification screening.

From 12 noon 10 July 2020, any person from NSW, WA, SA, TAS, ACT, NT may enter QLD subject to completing and signing a border declaration.

If any person entering QLD from whaatever place has spent time in any local government area in VIC during the past 14 days, they will be subject to mandatory hotel quarantine.

Offences and quarantine measures

- All persons entering QLD must complete and sign a border declaration stating tthey have not been to any local government area in VIC in the past 14 days. Penalties apply for false statements.

- All flights will be checked and road vehicle borders will be enforced.

- Police will enforce quarantine.

- A person who refuses testing in quarantine will be subject to a further 10-day period at cost.


- The QLD Chief Health Officer will review levels of community transmission and may impose additional restrictions should new hot spots occur.

Ongoing review

Ongoing review of state-based restrictions will be undertaken based on levels of community transmission. This includes:

- Density requirements, including consideration of moving from 4 to 2 square metres per person for all venues

- Remaining restrictions on high-risk businesses and activities.


I read these new rules this afternoon and rang the helpline 134 COVID (13 42 68),

and I asked if that meant we could do Rock n Roll dancing from 3rd July, as that is our sport and preferred exercise. Some of us do competition dancing which is a sport. The lady I spoke to put me on hold while she conferred with her colleagues, and came back and said they just don't know yet... as the health  directive won't be issued until 24 hours beforehand, so we probably won't know until 2nd.

I'm presuming that we ARE allowed to if we go by the rules above highlighted in yellow

- Sport, recreation and fitness organisations when following a COVID Safe Industry Plan:

  - resumption of activity including competition and physical contact is permitted on the field of play

  - Indoor sports facilities can open with one person per 4 square metres (off the field of play)

I interpret this is reading that we are a recreation and fitness organisation, and we have an indoor activity including pysical contact which is permitted on the field of play (dance floor) but we can only have one person per 4 square metres off the floor. So you are allowed to sit with your family and close friends, but social distance from other groups.

We must remember that most of our dancers in the Rock n Roll scene are in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, and are in the  vulnerable group, so if anyone has any symptoms (even if it's 'just a cold') please stay home to protect everyone else.


I have  spent some considerable time on Thursday 2nd updating the July gig guide for the next week as a lot of venues re-open on Friday 3rd. I haven't had time to complete this yet. I will work on this over the next couple of days.

Some venues haven't updated their websites yet, so I'm not sure of their situation, or if I haven't yet researched their venue, they remain blank. I'd cut back on the hours I work on the gig guide, but will be stepping these up again now.

The South Tweed Sports Club and Tweed Heads Bowls Club currently have a soloist or duo on at limited times in the dining area only. The gig guide for July is updated with their latest gigs. The Diggers and Sports Club have live entertainment 5 nights a week coming soon.

Dancing won't resume in these venues until the social distancing rules are eased and people can stand and mingle.



Sico Professional Portable Dance Floor. As new.  Very little use.  16 sq mtr (16 Panels)

Complete with side skirts and Storage Trolley.  Replacement Cost $6k.


Contact Ray: 0438 704 484


Click here for (photo 1), (photo 2), (photo 3), (photo 4), (photo 5)


FOR MY FEES TO ADVERTISE, PLEASE CONTACT ME. I do charity work for free, but otherwise anything people want added to the newsletter or gig guides will incur a fee. Email: for a quote.

If any bands have their gig guides ready OR A LIST OF CANCELLATIONS, or clubs have any special events on, that I haven't included, please send me the information, and I'll add it in.

I appreciate it if people let me know if any of my information is incorrect or out of date, particularly with the dance classes... AFTER BEING SHUT FOR A FEW MONTHS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE RE-STARTING SO I CAN ADVERTISE IT.

Roadmap to easing Queensland's restrictions;

Easing to date:.

Stage 2: 1 June 2020 from midday (2 weeks early) (4 weeks) - up to 20 people - must still be 1.5 mtrs from others

Stage 3: 10 July 2020 - up to 100 people (from 3 July 2020 at 12 noon.)

For updates go to

Scroll down to VENUES for announcements from various clubs on their opening days and conditions. Very little entertainment offered yet but Pottsville seems to be putting some on, and South Tweed Sports on Tuesday and Friday evenings, and Tweed Bowls Club have live music (solo's or duos) no dancing.

Tamborine Diner is back - 12 Main Westers Rd, Tamborine Mountain. Ph 5545 0406 for bookings.

Every Friday night - Live music is back by Indigo Dusk.

Mark Wilson Dance - Stage 3 commences in Qld and we can accomodate up to 60 dancers as we have multiple dance spaces for everyone. ALSO, indoor sports (DanceSport) with contact have been permitted. Which means, WE CAN DANCE WITH EACH OTHER. So watch out for more info.


W.A Government

Dance Classes and training are permitted under Phase 3 with the same rules as contact sport.

Social events with dancing are not. Whether the venue is licensed or unlicensed has no inpact.

Partner contact/swapping in dance is allowed e.g. progressive barn dance or rotating partners in a class.

From the office of Minister Murray (Sport and Recreation) regarding social dancing in WA. Partner dancing is ok, and not just couples as that includes singles. Rotation of dance partners is ok. Venue capacity is still restricted to the 2 sq m per person. Maintaining the 1.5 m between persons is encouraged when not actually in close contact and dancing together with someone. It is not as enforceable as the 2 sq m rule. Hand hygiene is still required, and stay home if feeling unwell.

UPDATE 11th June.

Caitlin O'Connor from Perth Rocks just rang the state Covid-19 line to clarify whether partner dancing is only permitted in class environments or if it's allowed socially outside of lessons. They acknowledged there has been miscommunication regarding this throughout the week and that, yes, partnered dancing is allowed both as a part of lessons and in social venues.

There will be an update to the WA government website to reflect this later today. Check the link this evening for confirmation:



The NSW Government will allow pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants to have up to 50 customers, subject to a one person per four square metre rule, and with strict social distancing guidelines from 1 June 2020.

NSW Government - from July 1

* Most business to reopen


Fun/Theme Parks


Strip Clubs/brothels

Weddings - no limit on guests but no dance floor

Outdoor seated/ticketed events/venues

(with max capacity < 40,000) will be allowed to run at 25% capacity such as stadiums and race courses

Funerals - no limit on guests (effective now)

*4 msq rule still applies to all changed above

NO Nightclubs

NO Music Festivals


NSW RocknRoll Association

GUIDELINES COVID-19 - COME BACK ACTION PLAN (copied from facebook)

1. Social Distancing 1.5 metres

2. Adhere to the 4 Sq Metre Rule

3. Hand Sanitise before/after class and/or wash hands

4. Temperature check on entering

5. Bring hand towel, spare change of top/tee (staff/students)

6. Limit people in one session according to Govt restrictions

7. Mask, gloves and stretch band optional, do not judge, be kind

8. BYO your own water bottle/drink (staff/students)

9. No food to be consumed in Government halls (staff/students)

10. Take rubbish with you (staff/students)

11. Keep attendance register, ask students to bring own pen.

11B. Keep an incidence report

12. Payments may be made by bank deposit, card or in an envelope.

Questions to ask staff/students

In the previous 14 days

1. Have you had any flu-like symptoms?

2. Have you been in contact with anyone with suspected covid-19?

3. Have you travelled recently?

Happy Dancing

NSW RocknRoll Association Inc



There are a limited number of Special Events and Balls that might still be occurring.

I will add more events as they come to my notice.


The entry Costs will not be reduced due to no supper being served...... there will now be the added cost of hand sanitizer, disinfectants/ special equipment/kitchen requirements and added work load ect to these venues so please do not complain.....the costs of running a dance/ball/event/classes has risen.

These are some of the ideas and suggestions that Dance and Hall Committees have come up with so please do not shoot the messenger (Phdeliah):

The majority of the committees have decided NOT to supply supper due to the strict food handling rules in place .....but will supply hot water,  tea, coffee, biscuits all pre packed to abide by the new rules. Everyone should bring their own cups and supper and water if need be... but it is NOT to be shared. You will need to take your cup home and wash it as committees are NOT supplying those facilities for washing up. These rules will probably be in place for the useable future.

Bring your own sanitiser, hand wipes and optional face mask. There will be hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities available at all venues.

Hands are to be washed/sanitized  regularly  between dances.

Tables/chairs will be wiped down & cleaned during the night. Please be considerate of these measures and polite to the volunteers doing these jobs.

Please have correct amount to pay at door to eliminate the handling of money.

You will be asked to supply your name and a contact number.

Raffle tickets will be sold in a more creative way to reduce the handling of tickets.

Sit in the same seat all night do not change seats.....remember the hall committees have to wipe down all seating/tables before and after these considerate.


Dance Classes at this stage are all to be pre not turn up at classes unless you have advised the Teachers that you desire to come. Numbers will be limited until restrictions are lifted. Some teachers have invitation only. This will take a lot of organisation and reorganising so please be patience. There will be strict Hygiene measures in place.

Some Teachers are offering private lessons during this time.  


Some of the Dance committees have devised a system of reduced numbers on the dance floor space and may advise you if you are the A or B team or you might be given a coloured arm band and that will be called out before each dance each dance will be called twice with each "team/colour" having a be patient and don't complain.


With food and supplies becoming expensive it will be good for the committees to save some money and put it towards hall maintenance  and improvements for us all .

Some committees have also said that getting volunteers to help with preparing food and setting up is hard and it is left to a select few each time so this will make their jobs easier.

Each committee /hall will have a different plan depending on their floor/hall space so please do not get upset if you are denied entry due to limited numbers please RSVP that you are attending......a lot of work for both committees and dancers but it will save a lot of time in the long term.

Some of these changes with become permanent and are good changes.....some will only be in place until we get back to "normal"



Update from 25 June:

From next week the state will relax density requirements for pubs, bars, restaurants and other venues, with one person allowed for every two square metres.

Large Venues, such as Adelaide Oval, will also be allowed to cater to up to 50 per cent of their normal capacity from June 29th, provided health officials have approved their COVID-19 safety plans.

Earlier post:

An email from the Hurley Hotel Group in SA that was sent out to the Adelaide music scene, that was shared on facebook.

The Hurley Hotel Group are thrilled to be able to open our doors again to the public and will hopefully be returning to normal in the coming months.

We are currently able to admit up to 80 patrons, provided we can contain them to groups of 20 in discrete rooms or areas within the business and will be able to serve alcohol without food but only to seated patrons.

Rules allowing one person per four square metres, and 1.5metre social distancing, will remain in place.

Whilst this has been a very difficult time for the hotel industry financially, we hope we can bounce back soon so that we can book and pay our valued musicians to play at our venues like in the past.

Until the restrictions are lifted our cash flow is virtually non-existent, however, we are doing a shout out to see if any musicians would be interested in playing at any of our venues for a couple of hours a time over the next couple of weeks.

Although we would not be able to pay artists at present we will be able to provide them with a $100 food and beverage voucher to be used at the hotel. Musicians can use the opportunity as a busking session and patrons are encouraged to throw some money their way....

If  you would like more information or are keen to play please let me know.

Jack Jericho, Entertainment Manager.

I would be interested in hearing comments from our local musicians on what they would do if a similar offer was made to them?

Out of interest, when we were travelling in the U.S.A., musicians and bands in the bars there all played for tips, they weren't paid by the venues, but someone would take the jar around during the night. If you wanted a request it was $5 per request.

They also played for 4 hours straight without a break.

In our situation, I know a lot of musos have had NO income at all since March when this COVID-19 hit us.

P.S. I wonder if they offer to pay their other professional workers, e.g. plumbers and electricians the same way???




ROCK UNDER THE CLOCK is now in its 6th year with no plans to 'pull the plug'. Featuring two dance nights each year at the historic Sandgate Town Hall - May & November - the event is going from strength to strength.

The Sandgate Branch of the Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC) is the sole beneficiary of the event and use the proceeds raised to fund their Crime Prevention and Youth Diversionary Programs. To date, over $50,000 has been donated to support this cause.

As with any venture that relies on the input of volunteers, there will be attrition over time in the numbers who so unselfishly volunteer their services as members of the Planning & Organisation Team.


This is the purpose in writing to you, would you be interested in joining the Team?

What is involved in becoming a Team Member?

- Ideally, you will be proficient in one of the 'to be filled' functional areas (see below).  

- Some personal time will be spent in your chosen functional area preparing for the event, typically a 60 day time span.

- Attendance at three planning sessions held over a 60 day time span pre-event. Each session held at Sandgate PCYC at 1:00pm and of approx. two hours duration.

- Participation on the occasion of each event in the chosen functional capacity.

- Attendance at a post-event analysis meeting to report on any issues arising from the event that affected functional performance.

Functional areas needing to be filled.

Graphic Design

Creating the graphic artwork used to support event themes. These illustrations form the core of all visual promotional executions. Interested volunteers will have skills in the use of graphic design software, preparing print-ready art and experience liaising with production. A design brief is prepared well in advance of each event.

Booking Site 

Liaising with the ticketing company ( to populate the booking website. Persons interested in this function will have basic computer skills and experience manipulating text and graphics.

Bar Service 

This involves choosing the drinks menu in collaboration with the licensed provider and the Team, setting sell prices, collecting drinks & ice on the afternoon of the event, setting up/closing down the bar and managing the service on the evening. Preparing a sales/cash reconciliation for tabling at the post event meeting. Interested persons should have, or prepared to obtain, a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification.

We would love to hear from volunteers wishing to fill one of the above functional roles. Interested persons should, in the first instance, indicate their readiness to volunteer by replying to this email, outlining their experience in a preferred role. We welcome any enquiries regarding additional information on each role.

Our next event is planned for Saturday 23rd November. We are very keen to fill the available positions and commence the planning process to continue this significant and worthy fundraiser.

Please email replies to:


THIS WEEKEND on the Gold Coast/Northern NSW:

(for the full list, download the Monthly gig guide)


THIS WEEKEND in Brisbane:

(for the full list, download the monthly gig guide)



VENUES: (in alphabetical order)

VIVA SURFERS PARADISE that was to be held in July is now CANCELLED this year.

THE WATERHOLE ROCKS - The final decision regarding going ahead with our event will be made in late July or early August. If a decision can be made earlier they will let us know. Stay safe and well.

GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival


The Festival dates are as follows:

Friday November 20, 7pm to 12am

Saturday November 21, 10am to 10pm

Sunday November 22, 9am to 6pm

Further details below under What's On - in date order


Qld Rock and Roll Diners and Cafes...

Ricks Diner in Palmwoods - magic little haunt.

The Thunderbird Cafe, Jones St, Mooloolabah

Victoria Point RnR Cafe, 7 Masters Ave

Happy Days Cafe, 11 Bulcock St, Caloundra - Beaut.

Eagle Rock Cafe Laidley, Eagle Rock Cafe, Toogoolawah.

And if you're in Hawaii check out Bubba Gumps. What a fantastic set up. The decor really rocks.


Bearded Dragon Hotel, book now for all day casual dining menu and steaks & chefs blackboards 10am-8pm daily.

& overnight accommodation packages, room service, Ph 07 5543 6888.

Pizza & takeaway food avail 4-8pm from drive bottleshop 7 days.



114 Distillery Rd, Beenleigh 4207. Free entry (click here for flyer)


The Burleigh Heads Bowls Club  (CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

Biggish dance floor. Bistro and bar service available.

It's great to see that they're providing some good dance music too, with their big Saturday night Rock & Roll nights once a month.   Friday 7:30pm / Saturday 6:30pm / Sunday 2:00pm

PH: 5535 1023

Cnr Connor St & Park Ave, Burleigh


C.ex Coffs, C.ex Woolgoolga and C.ex Urunga (no entertainment listed as at 31 May, so no dancing- OPEN):

C.EX COFFS - Open from Monday 1 June 11am, members only.

C.EX WOOLGOOLGA - Open from Tuesday 2 June 11am, members only

C.EX URUNGA - Open from Wednesday 3 June 11am, members only.

  A maximum of 50 people per restaurant that is operational

  C.ex Coffs will have 7 café/restaurants operating

  This will allow C.ex Coffs to have a maximum of 350 people in the venue at any one time

  C.ex Woolgoolga and C.ex Urunga will have 2 café/restaurants operating which will allow a maximum of 100 people in each venue at any one time

  Maximum patron numbers allow patrons to access all of our Clubs’ facilities such as Bars, Gaming, TAB, Keno, Bottleshops and all of our dining outlets whilst adhering to the following conditions

  Physical distancing

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure patrons and employees comply with Safe Work Australia’s ‘physical distancing’ standards applying to hospitality venues including floor markings and Physical Distancing Ambassadors

We will ensure that patrons do not stand around bar areas, walkways or in groups as you must be seated unless you are moving to another part of the venue


Groups of up to 5 people who are from the same household can sit together and are responsible for their own physical distancing within their group

Patrons are to be seated when ordering, unless using the facilities or going to another room in the venue – standing groups are not permitted

Our venues need to ensure that there is 1.5 metres between different Groups of customers

Different Groups can sit back to back and the distance between the two chairs needs to be 1 metre

Individuals in a Group are not permitted to move from one Group to another


CLUB BEENLEIGH (dated 4/06/20)

Bad News & Good News!

Bad News: Despite our best intentions and plans to open tomorrow, the State Government still has not approved the industry COVID plan. Sadly, this means we will be delayed by a week...

GOOD NEWS - We plan to be open NEXT Friday, June 12 at 10am!

At this stage - these are our plans - please note they are subject to change as the Government moves the goalposts and/or eases restrictions.

⭐️ 10am to 10pm - Bull N Barra, Function Room 1, Function Room 2, Darryl Fagan Deck, and Members Bar will be open for Dining and Drinks. There may be time limits and session times - please be understanding.

*Table service ONLY*

⭐️ Numbers are restricted - so BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL. Ph 3807 5836

⭐️ No Gaming, TAB, Keno, or Bingo is permitted at this stage. Club Raffles will be sold at the console and by phone ONLY - no "table to table" service.

⭐️ Certain items on the menu will not be available - however 95% remains unchanged. We are sorry - but we are unable to do 2 for 1 deals at this time - HOWEVER - member loyalty discounts will now apply!

This has been a really tough time for the hospitality & entertainment industries - please be patient whilst we attempt to get back on our feet! Live Music, Dinner Shows, and Special Events will return as soon as they are financially viable. We know how frustrating this has been and we genuinely appreciate your support.

On behalf of the entire Board, Management, and the incredible team of staff members - we can't wait to serve you again! — at Club Beenleigh.


Club Pine Rivers have done renovations but there is still no dance floor, even though they put on entertainment in their cafe area.


Surfers RSL has now been renamed and is now called Diggers & Sports Club, address 9 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise.

They have The Koi Boys on in July on 4th, 11th and 18th.


De Vito Waterfront will re-open Friday 12th June.


EASTS LEAGUES - RE-OPENS ON 3rd JULY - entertainment in July (updated from their website on 3rd July 9pm)

Every Friday and Saturday night, soloist. Gig Guide is updated.

Darrin Leigh will be there singing tunes on:

Saturday 12th July 1-5pm

Friday 24th July 7:30-11:30pm

Saturday 25th July 7:30-11:30pm

I'll update more as the info comes in.


On the third Sunday of each month (except January) between 2:00 and 4:00 pm,  (VENUE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

at the Geebung Bowls Club,

Brisbane’s Second Wind Big Band will be resuming its series of concert dances

celebrating the 75th anniversary of Allied Forces big band concert tours in Queensland during WW2.

The Second Wind Big Band is a not-for-profit community band, and if you are so inclined, bring your dancing shoes because there will be a large dance floor directly in front of the bandstand.

For further information please phone Arthur on 0407 590513. 

Car park entry off Robinson Road West, Geebung, (opp Meals on Wheels).

Entry $6.00 incl lucky door prize. Fresh scones with jam & cream $2 for afternoon tea, raffle and dance floor, tea & coffee available.

For  table bookings: Geebung Bowls Club 3263 3133.

The following dance concert dates are booked (same venue) are:



Mermaid Beach Bowls Club, 9 Markeri St, Mermaid Beach Qld 4218.

Mermaid Beach Bowls Club have nice meals, and will be keeping the numbers of patrons to a level advised by the Government. Phone :55 723463

March Social was an excellent day with very entertaining walk up artists, and Mark Day as our Guest Artist, had the audience in the palm of his hand.

Well delivered funny jokes, and great Country Music mini show, the crowd wanted more, and Mark delivered. 


Our Guest  Lily Grace will be, performing with guitar, AT A LATER DATE..,With Gold Coast CMC Band.

Lots of Raffles, lucky door prize, Member’s draw, Cash money board draw. 

Tea and coffee provided, compliments of the Mermaid Beach Bowls Club.

Nice meals at great prices, and yummy cakes for purchase, and bar service.

Air conditioned and good dance floor. 

WALK UP ARTISTS:  PLEASE bring 3 corded charts for the band, and your copy. Two songs each artist, duo or group. Extra performance, if time permits.

Volunteer, BASS Player required, to be at practice and support Members, for our Club Band at Socials..

We are are non-profit organization. Please phone, Steve Fisher, 0427 538 266  Steve also teacher of Banjo and Guitar, special price for  G.C. CMC members.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: Juniors, are most welcome at the Club. $1.00 joining fee & free entry.

Non-members $5.00 entry fee. Joining fee $7.50 or $6.00 pensioners... Club Members, entry fee $4.00.  

Newsletter advertising, only $50.00 for 12 issues, if you wish to advertise your business, and sponsor our Club.

Thank you to Q Growers Market, Q Super Centre, for a great fruit and Vegetable tray, for our raffles.  Chem pro Chemist, Q Super Centre, quality goods for raffles.

Information: Eve,  Mobile 0412 054 188  President/Secretary.


Gold Coast Country Music Club Inc P.O. Box 5380, Q Super Centre, Mermaid Waters Qld 4218.


The Gold Coast Italo-Australian Club (known as The Italian Club) (CLOSED UNTIL 9 JULY)

re-opening on 10th July 2020.   

WELCOME BACK CELEBRATIONS - Saturday 11th July 2020 7:00pm

Dine - drink - sing - enjoy (note - it doesn't say dance)

Featuring Chi Chi Trio!

Bar Opens 6pm.

Bookings Essential - 100 people only allowed in Club at one time. NEARLY BOOKED OUT ON 25 JUNE! ONLY 3 SEATS LEFT.

(office opens 9:00am to 3:30pm Wed - Friday.)

18 Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters Qld 4226.

Ph: (07) 5575 1966 or

Coming Soon: Exciting new entertainment, great new music shows, deliciious new menus.

BUT same old favourite fun, friends, family and community atmosphere.

New: Live Music, Musical Trivia, Tribute Shows, Restaurant menu, bar menu.

14th November, UK Bee Geez

& more!

18 Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters Qld 4226.

Ph: (07) 5575 1966 or


Green Frog Hollow Cafe has started a regular Rock and Roll night once a month  (ON HOLD UNTIL IT'S SAFE AGAIN)

on the second Friday evening each month from 6:00 to 10:30. 

Dinner is available with a special menu, and the premises is licenced.  

Music will be provided by DJ Rockin Ross.  

Green Frog Hollow Cafe is at 1551 Waterford Tamborine Road, Logan Village.

You can look forward to a very good night of dancing supported by many Village Rockers and many dancers from the Tamborine area and Brisbane southside. Rockin Ross will play all the classic Rock and Roll music non-stop plus a waltz or two and some line dances and requests.

Pleasant venue with great rural atmosphere and really excellent meals. or ph 5546 8267 DJ Rockin Ross the record wrecker, 0400 995 555


Guanaba Country Music Club.  CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

When: 3rd Sunday of each month (except January)

Time: 12 noon to about 6pm

Location: 193 Rifle Range Rd, Pimpama Qld (Exit 49 from M1)

Contact: Sophia Rogers on 0427 253 547 or Ian Rogers on 0428 253 547

Entry: $5 - food available and everyone is welcome.

Parking: heaps of parking as the venue is in "Heritage Park" at Pimpama.

Muso's Jam session - may turn out to be a regular thing for the first Tuesday evening of the month (see above for March).

Location at 193 Rifle Range Road, Pimpama. (Take exit 49, head south parallel to the M1 on the western side). (temporary entrance details below).

Entry is free, food will be available. Amps, drums, PA provided.

All types of muso's invited,amateur, pro, ex pro, instrument or vocal, young or older... all are welcome.

Time is from 7pm. No bookings, just show up. 

Heritage Park Pimpama is at Heritage Park Pimpama.

1 January at 13:39 · Pimpama, Gold Coast

Heritage Park is undergoing a major transformation over the next couple of years, but the South Coast Resoration Society and the Guanaba Country Music Club are still going as strong as ever. In the coming weeks the entrance to Heritage Park will move around the corner to the end of Bull Road. This will be a temporary entry while developers construct new roads and entry to the new Pimpama Sports Hub. Details of the new sporting facility can be found on the GCCC web site. the new entry to South Coast Restoration Society and the Guanaba Country Music Club should be finalised within six months. If you have any questions please send a message (the above link in blue) and we will be glad to help.


Kedron-Wavell Services Club Inc.


The Club is excited to announce that from this Saturday, 6th June, we are reopening "The Kitchen" restaurant for all day dining!

Open from 11am every day (and with a “best of TK” menu!) we look forward to welcoming you back for lunch or dinner.  

BOOKINGS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR DINNER. There are 3 sittings available – 4.30pm 6.00pm and 7.30pm.

Please note all other club facilities are still closed. No promotional discounts, offers, points or vouchers will be able to be used for payment at this time.

Staff are onsite from 10.30am every day to make a booking. PHONE US DIRECT TO BOOK ON 07 3350 0920.  

Please remember that we must comply with COVID19 dining directives. We highly recommend you join when entering the foyer to make the process quick and easy for you. We are offering all non members the chance to join instantly for a 1 year for a $1 digital membership!


Marburg Mid-week dance, usually every 4th Friday but some variations.  ALL MARBURG DANCES CANCELLED FOR NOW.

Future dates

June 24th, July 29th (5th Wed),

August 26th, Sept no mid-week dance, Oct 21 (3rd Wed), Nov 25th, Dec 16th (3rd Wed, Xmas dance).

Band for all dances:  Let's Dance band

7pm - 11pm

$10 bring a plate. 0434 263 231 (Old Time / New Vogue / Rock n Roll)


Maryborough Sports Club - Re-opens on July 10th. More details as they are released.


The Paradise Point Bowls Club -  Reopens on Monday 8th June at 10am.

With the release of our Industry COVID Safe plan, we are now allowed to have 20 of our wonderful members and guests in each area of the Club as of Monday, 8th June at 10am.

Things have been changing very quickly in relation to the COVID Stages and we have had to modify our hours and offerings because of this. We also will not be able to run the courtesy bus until we are notified further.

For now, our hours will be as follows:


Monday to Saturday

10am until 5pm


6am to 2pm


Session One:  9am - 11am

Session Two: 11.30am - 1.30pm

Session Three:  2pm - 4pm

We hope you understand that as part of the plan, we have to keep a track of your name, address, and phone number. For the most part, we will be able to manage this through our kiosks but please assist staff in seeing that this is done correctly.

For the time being, all of our members' promotions and activities are on hold until we can get back to business in our usual capacity. Right now, we are just excited to see some familiar faces back in the Club.

We'd love to see you soon.

22 Thrush Ave, Paradise Point.   (see VENUES page)



49 Gosport St, Hemmant QLD 4174

The Queensport Hotel was established in 1864 and is conveniently situated in Brisbane's port area. One of the last great Brissie pubs, it's a beautiful old Queenslander with great counter lunches, cold beer and bistro dining.

Free live music every Saturday night with at least two different tribute bands a month. The event is held in a shaded beer garden with a high undercover concert stage and dance area, no noise restrictions and no parking issues.

Bistro Opens 5.00pm

Band /Show Starts 7.30pm Sharp

Free events, no noise restrictions or parking issues.

Venue at


Southport RSL - Re-opens on 1st July 2020. More details as they are announced.


SOUTH TWEED SPORTS CLUB: Opening 1 June 10am. Entertainment starting on Tues and Fri 6-9pm in Skylines lounge, no dancing.

From 11th July there will also be Jazz on Saturday afternoons from 2-5pm.

SEAGULLS: Opening on Wednesday 3rd June.

BALLINA RSL - Open from Mon 1 June



DeeJay Jimmy D's Rock n Roll Dance Party

50's in Style Rhythm Impact!

Every 4th Saturday each month


Tamborine Diner is back - 12 Main Western Rd, Tamborine Mountain. Ph 5545 0406 for bookings.

Every Friday night - Live music is back by Indigo Dusk.


TWEED HEADS BOWLS CLUB: OPEN. They have Friday and Saturday night entertainment in the new Cafe Stage on Friday and Saturday nights only from 6:30. Solo's/duos only in July. The July gig guide is updated.

• Patron capacity is restricted to 310 patrons throughout the club at any time (excludes staff and contractors)

• One entrance/exit only at the front of the club

• Increased levels of cleaning and sanitising

• Enhancement of deep cleaning to comply with NSW Health Regulations

• Hand sanitisers located throughout the club

• Significant signage encouraging social distancing and personal hygiene requirements

• Appointed CovidSAFE Marshal (Safety Host) to enforce social distancing and compliance

• Removal of multi-seating couches

• Use of floor markings to ensure social distancing where people are likely to que

• Increased spacing between gaming machines to ensure 1.5 metre social distancing

Entry to THBC will be conditional on the following provisions:

• That you do not demonstrate symptoms of a sore throat, runny nose, elevated temperature, fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing or any other illness

• That you have not recently been near somebody exhibiting the above symptoms

•  That you agree to abide by social distancing requirements

• That you can produce photo identification upon entering the club (includes members)

• That you agree to have contact details entered into an attendance register each time you visit the club

• That if requested to, your record of attendance will be provided to relevant government departments specifically for COVID-19 tracing




Dear Valued Members

It is with great pleasure that I advise we will reopen for business from 1 June 2020. Yesterday, we received an update from our peak body, Clubs NSW, outlining the conditions on how we can reopen and what restrictions will be in place. It’s not going to be like it was before we closed, as nothing is quite the same in the current environment, but we will be open and look forward to providing Twin Towns hospitality within the guidelines. 

We intend to open all the Clubs and the Resort. Twin Towns, Club Banora, Juniors and the hotel will be open for business from Monday morning.  Outdoor sports will also open - golf, bowls and tennis - but again, within their special operating rules. Numbers will be limited across all of the Clubs. In response, we will be opening with a ‘member only plus one guest' policy so that you have the very first opportunity to enjoy a return to your Club. 

I’m also pleased to announce that those who were full Club members at the time the government closed the Club will automatically be given a one year extension on their membership. You don’t have to do anything; your existing membership card will continue to provide access to all your benefits until your extended expiry. You are welcome to swap your card with a new one when conditions return to normal. We are currently working through recognising the different impacts of the closure on the various internal clubs memberships and will make further announcement on this in the coming weeks. 

Based on the advice received yesterday, we will be able to welcome you to enjoy all our regular offers. Dining, bars and gaming will be open. Some things will not be offered initially, such as entertainment and promotions, which constitute a gathering or event for more than 10 people.

We will be doing everything within our power to make the Club a safe environment. Cleaning will be at the forefront of everything we think and do. Many of the rules under which we will reopen are driven by one goal: ensuring you are entering a safe and clean environment. This will be our number one priority, along with making sure you enjoy your new Club experience. 

But, you have a part to play in this too. Please make sure you socially distance, follow the hygiene directions and most of all, ensure that gatherings which breach the limits and guidelines do not occur. Remember, if you’re not feeling well, be responsible and stay at home.

We’ll help by reminding you of what is expected but we need you to do your part and use your Club in a way that allows us to build on this very exciting new beginning. Together, let’s get one day closer to the world, and Club, we’ve all enjoyed and loved before this unprecedented global event.

I cannot express our position more clearly than simply… welcome back! I look forward to seeing you around the Clubs. Stay healthy!

Michael Fraser
Board Chairman

UPDATE ON 11 JUNE 2020 from Lachlan Donaldson, Operations and  Production Manager.

At present we are not looking at relaunching Free Entertainment until the 1st September.

Depending on government advice from the NSW powers that may change before that date, but that is the current 'line-in-the-sand' as it were.

With restrictions not allowing anyone to stand, dance and us not being allowed to advertise or do anything that would encourage people to congregate, until restrictions ease further we are very limited in what we can offer and say we can offer.

Checked on 2nd July - no further updates. Pauline


Woongoolba Hall

Rock & Roll and Old Time Dance at the Community Hall (CLOSED UNTIL 1 August)

($10 incl supper), 7:30pm.

2020 dates:  1 Aug (first dance back after the Covid-19 break), 5 Sept, 3 Oct, 7 Nov, 4 Dec.

Pimpama Island and District Community Centre, aka Woongoolba Hall

1226 Stapylton Jacobs Well Rd, Woongoolba, 7:30pm

fun - dance - supper - bar

Music by: Wayne Caldwell & BitterSweet

Ph Gail Holder/Kleinschmidt

0412 172 332

Our beautiful old buildling was first built in 1917 and it has a real warmth and history.

Whether you choose to put together a table of 10 or would prefer to just come with a couple of friends, we really hope to see you.

Bookings are essential and are limited to 100 people. Tickets will be allocated on a first in, first served, basis.



DAYLIGHT SAVING NSW,  2020 - Daylight saving  /  Starts 4 October 2020 (clock forward.


Live at the Drive In - Gold Coast

Mudgeeraba Showgrounds

Saturday 4 July 4:30pm-8pm

Featuring Creedence Clearwater, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Eagles.

Watch from the comfort and safety of your own car. 250 sports available.

Hosted by: Live At The Drive In, Rebel FM the Rock Station, The Eagels Band, Mansfield's of Rock, KOTV - King of the Valley, The Wallaby Hotel, Burleigh Town Tavern, Jabba Entertainment, The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Experience, Gold Dust Woman Tour and Creedence - The John Fogerty Show.


Viva Surfers Paradise


Starring David Lee, Cote Deonath, Jesse Aron.


Breakaways Rock n Roll Club (click here for flyer) NOW POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, due to social distancing rules.

July 18th, 4-11pm (7 hour dance)

Lawnton Show Grounds, 757 Gympie Rd, Lawnton,

TWO BANDS: Atomic Hi-Tones AND Jake and the Cadillace

$40pp. BYO nibbles and drinks. NO glass permitted. (RnR/Rockabilly)

Bookings Ph Jean 0427 233 634


Saturday 18th July

Let's Dance Band are holding a

Welcome Back Dance

Helidon Community Centre, 15 Arthur St, 7pm-11pm

$12... please have the right money on entry

Name & Phone number is to be supplied on entry

BYO cup, tea, coffee, milk, supper (NOT TO BE SHARED).

Hot water  is supplied.

LIMITED NUMBERS... please book on 0412 086 983.



Saturday 18th July, 5:00 - 9:15pm - NEW

Melany Showgrounds - 'Winter Blues' Drive-In Concert

Featuring 4 bands:

Kevin Borich Express

Vix & The Slick Chix

The Spirit Blues Band

Accidentally on Purpose

Price: Inside $25 ea or table of 6 $120, outside $50 per carload.


Woongoolba Hall -

Sat 18th & Sun 19th July, 8:00am - 2:00pm

Trash and Treasure Festival

Come Join us - The recent crisis saw many of us at home sorting out the things we no longer need, but as the saying goes, one man's trash is someone else's treasure. For those feeling hungry or like a breakfast or lunch out, there will be our usual sausage sizzle, with Bacon & Egg burgers, Big Boys, Sizzlers, etc. Home made cakes and barista coffee.

We'll even take a booking for a table if you would like to bring some friends.

Wayne and Bitter Sweet will entertain us in the hall.

There will be plenty of shopping, and as much fun as we can muster. Whether  you're shopping for yourself or for gifts there will be plenty to browse through and enjoy.

COVID-19 Social distancing requirements will apply.

Stall Holder Application form (click here)


Sawtell Rewind Weekend    (CANCELLED on 23rd June)

a24th, Sat 25th, Sun 26th July 2020

With Razzle Dazzle Rockers, (Sandy and Dale)

3 fantastic bands

Friday 24th July:              On The Prowl, and DJ Dale.                      Non-stop music from 7:00pm - 11:30pm. Doors open 6:30pm.

Saturday Daytime 25th:  Route 66, and DJ Dale.                             Non-stop music from 10:30am - 3:00pm. Doors open 10:00am.

Saturday Evening 25th:   Annual Ball, Matchbox band & DJ Dale. Non-stop music from 7:00pm - 11:30pm. Doors open 6:30pm.

Lucky door prizes. Giveaways, Bar, Bistro, Club facilities. Coffee shop open all day. All Welcome.

Weekend pass $55pp

For further enquiries & Ticket sales: Dale & Sandy: 02 6651 4108, 0421 130 076.

Featuring: Coffs Harbour Photo Booth.

Book your accommodation now because this will be another sell-out!



Kenmore Park Country Campfire Concert

Sat 25th July 2020

featuring: Vanessa Sanger, Allan Gumm, Alison Jensen

44 Hayes Road, Lower Wonga Qld 4570.

$50pp - must be pre-booked and paid. No Refunds.

Limited to 100 tickets - as per Covid restrictions

6 hours of Country Music / 2-course meal (Main and Dessert). Toilets supplied - NO showers. Free camping - unpowered.

Gates close at 12:30pm on 25th, concert starts at 1pm.

All Covid restrictions myst be adhered to - social distancing and hygiene.

Everyone MUST sign a Health Declaration on arrival.

Pets on leash at all times and away from Food & Concert area.

Extra Night Camping available upon request $10pp/per night.


Phone Vanessa on 0402 512 116


GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival


The Festival postponements dates are as follows:

Friday November 20, 7pm to 12am

Saturday November 21, 10am to 10pm

Sunday November 22, 9am to 6pm

Redland Showgrounds, Long St, Cleveland

Performers: Jesse Dayton (USA), Shaun Young (USA), Lil' Mo (USA) & The Demons, Rusty Pinto, Scotty Baker, Pat Capocci,

The Detonators, Ezra Lee, Red Rivers, Twang, The Flattrakkers, Cherry Divine, B'Daddy & The Double Ds, Jon Flynn’s Knights of Sin,

The Linelockers, Lovejoy Surf, Miss Teresa, Peaches & The Alphasonics, Junior & The Easy Aces,

DJ Swingabilly Ray, DJ Jimmy D, DJ Leapin’ Lawrie


Monthly gig guide:

Friday July 31  Friday November 20th 7pm - 12am


Redland Showgrounds, Long St, Cleveland

Lil' Mo (USA) & The Demons, Rusty Pinto, The Linelockers, Jon Flynn's Knights of Sin

Saturday August 1 Saturday November 21, 10am to 10pm

GreazeFest Day events

Redland Showgrounds, Long St, Cleveland

The Flattrakkers, Ezra Lee, Lovejoy Surf, Miss Teresa            

Saturday August 1 Saturday November 21, 10am to 10pm

GreazeFest Night events

Redland Showgrounds, Long St, Cleveland

Shaun Young (USA), The Detonators, Scotty Baker, Twang

Sunday August 2 Sunday November 22, 9am to 6pm


Redland Showgrounds, Long St, Cleveland

Jesse Dayton (USA), Red Rivers, Pat Capocci, Cherry Divine, Peaches & The Alphasonics, B'Daddy & The Double Ds, Junior & The Easy Aces


Friday August 14th  Gold Coast Public Holiday (in lieu of Gold Coast Show day not going ahead.


August 15th

Gold Coast Rockers

Formal Hop - theme Great Gatsby

Band: Little Stevie & The Tail Fins

Runaway Bay Community Hall, Lae Drive, Runaway Bay

Tickets TBA


Breakaways Rock n Roll Club (click here for flyer)

Saturday 29th August


Lawnton Show Grounds, 757 Gympie Rd, Lawnton,

Band: The Lincolns

Black & White party. Prizes for the best dressed male and female costumes.

$25pp. BYO nibbles and drinks. NO glass permitted. (RnR/Rockabilly)

Bookings Ph Jean 0427 233 634


Breakaways Rock n Roll Club (click here for flyer)

Saturday  5th September

4:00-11:00pm (7 hour dance)

Strathpine Community Centre, 199 Gympe Rd, Strathpine (air-conditioned).

TWO Bands:  Johnny Law and The Pistol Packin' Daddies AND DJ Rocker

$40pp. BYO nibbles and drinks. NO glass permitted. (RnR/Rockabilly)

Bookings Ph Jean 0427 233 634


September 11-13th

Nimbin Roots Festival (the 5th Annual festival)

Roots music, peace, love & sustainability.


September 13th

South Tweed Sports Club - Party for Lorraine Morris

Meet for lunch at 12.  Dancing starts at 1pm

Hosted and Music by Floorburners.

Lorraine Morris was a lady who loved her dancing. Those in the dancing community understand that dancing for us - is life. It's the music, the movement, the friends we make along the way. It makes us happy.

Lorraine's wishes were, to have a party to celebrate her life. A party where all her dancing friends can come and dance the afternoon away, remembering the good times and to celebrate life.

We are very honoured and humbled to participate and host this party for her. She so wanted to attend this party herself. Her instructions were that it must go ahead and her friends be there to help celebrate her life.....And DANCE!!!!

Please mark it in your calender Sep 13th at South Tweed Sports.

Meet for lunch at 12.  Dancing starts at 1pm

Dance up a storm Lorraine.

And thank you for looking after our doggies. They will miss their very special Aunty Lorraine. And we'll all miss you at Twinnies.

Thanks for all the cups-a-tea and the friendship

A photo of Lorraine is attached for those who knew her. (click here)


20th September, Entries close for Australian Allcomers Rock 'n' Roll Championship 2020 (scroll down to November)


WINTERSUN 2.0                            (click here for flyer)   NEW DATE!


Rock 'n' Retro at Wintersun 2.0 is on 25th September

Show n Shine, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars, Lowriders, Choppers, + more

Live Music - Rockabilly, swing, rock n roll


Plus: Dance Workshops, kids entertainment, Markets, Food Trucks and Beer Garden too!

Long Gone Daddies are on Sunday 27th September 10:00-11:00am.

Murwillumbah Showground.


Rockin' Jimmy's Car Show 2020 & Rock 'n' Roll Event

Saturday 3rd October at 8:00am

47-57 East St, Jimboomba Qld 4280.

Little Stevie & The Tail Fins will be playing there.


Breakaways Rock n Roll Club (click here for flyer

Saturday 10th October

Lawnton Show Grounds, 757 Gympie Rd Lawnton


Bands Kid James Trio, and Itchy Fingers

Admission $40pp

Bookings: Prepaid tickets, Jean 0427 233 634



18-25 October - Chromefest - now cancelled due to COVID-19. 11/06/20.


Stanthorpe/Warwick Rock n Roll Dance Weekend - FINAL ATTEMPT!

October 30th

Warwick     - Dance  8:30pm - 12:00am

Warwick RSL , 65 Albion St, Warwick, Ph: (07) 4661 1229

31st October

Stanthorpe - Workshops 10:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Stanthorpe - Dance Stanthorpe RSL 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Stanthorpe RSL, 46 Marsh St, Stanthorpe, Ph (07) 4681 2324

Band both night: 'Long Gone Daddys" (Steve, Chris and Rick)

From absolute beginners to most advanced! ALL WELCOME!!!

Workshop entry all day $25pp, couples $40 all day.  Half day $15pp, families with children - $45 max.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL for Stanthorpe Workshop

Ph Robyn 0414 999 759


October 30th, 31st and November 1st  (click here for flyer)

Forbes Baby Boomers Music Festival

Venue: Forbes Services Memorial Club

VIP tickets: $100

Single show tickets available.

Music by:

Disco Revolution, The King, Queen & friends, Issi Dye as Johnny O'Keefe (40th Anniversary RnR show), The Beach Boys,

The Bobby Darrin story, Eruption, Rockin' Rick Charles & Adrian, Rodney Vincent, Terry & Nigel Amatie, Stephen R Cheney, Royden Donohue. & more (I can't read the bottom second pic as the writing is too small on the poster. Pauline)

Registration & ticket purchases through or from Forbes Services Club

Enquiries - Stephen R Cheney 0417 420 858, Email:


Australian Allcomers Rock 'n' Roll Championship 2020

1st November. (click here for official entry form) (click here for Definitions of styles of dancing, rules and regulations) & (rules and regulations Page 2).

Entries Close 20th September 2020

Competitor Entry Fee is inclusive of door entry: Senior $40, Junior $25, Late entry fee of $20 per couple

Please post form to Rock 'n' Beat 'n'Boogie C/- John Watson, 32/583 Wondall Rd, Tingalpa, Qld 4173,

or email toJohn Watson:

Fees can be paid by direct deposit. Details on entry form.

Sections to dance in:

Jumps, Traditional, Restricted, Rockabilly, All Girls, Open All Boys, Adult/Child, Triples, 4's, Swing, Lindy, Jack'n'Jill.


November 14th

Italo Australian Club (Italian Club)

UK Bee Geez


Breakaways Rock n Roll Club (click here for flyer

Saturday 21st November

Airconditioned Strathpine Community Centre, 199 Gympie Rd, Strathpine


Two Bands: Phoenix and The Hellcat III

Admission $40pp

Bookings: Prepaid tickets, Jean 0427 233 634

BYO food and drinks, no glass permitted



GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival


The Festival dates are as follows:

Friday November 20, 7pm to 12am

Saturday November 21, 10am to 10pm

Sunday November 22, 9am to 6pm


The Gold Coast is having a Santa Christmas Parade this year, on

Sunday 6th December, starting in Main Beach and finishing in Surfers Paradise.


Saturday 12th December 2020

Gold Coast Rockers Christmas party

Sharks AFL, Southport.

Band: Route 66.

Tickets TBA


Saturday 12th December 2020

Breakaways Rock n Roll Club (click here for flyer)


Lawnton Show Grounds, 757 Gympie Rd Lawnton

Band: Little Stevie & The Tail Fins

Free for memberes, $25 for non-members.

BYO nibbles and drinks. NO glass permitted. (RnR/Rockabilly)

Bookings Ph Jean 0427 233 634


Saturday 19th December 2020

Border Rockers Christmas Party

Further details to be advised.

Enquiries Trevor: 0428 552 550


Cooly Rocks On 9-13 June 2021


Pam and Roy Blowers have been creating a portfolio of online utube dance lessons and will be continuing to add to the collection.

The concept behind our online utube dance lessons is - mixing styles and steps according to one's level of fitness and physical ability.

We have created a facebook page, which lists all our utube videos, (see link under Classes page) - we are up to Utube 21 and will be continuing to add to our collection.  

Here is the link to our facebook page.


[FREE Rumba basic step lesson] You can use this move in any social dance situation. In this video lesson you will master the "side basic step" in the American style Rumba. This is the most basic step of the Rumba and is perfect for beginners. We break down the count, the steps for men & women, lead and follow + tips! Click below to watch it now:…/…



Here is the Gold Coast Rockers Etiquette on the Dance Floor:

1.     Wear clothing and dance shoes that make it easy and enjoyable to dance in.

2.     Personal Grooming - Shower and use a deodorant. Always take a hand towel, deodorant and a clean shirt to freshen up.  

         Brush teeth and use mouthwash or breath freshener. Abstain from foods that produce strong odours eg. garlic. The odour

         of cigarettes on one's breath or clothing is unattractive.

3.      Please ask ladies: Would you like to dance?

4.      Please ask men: Would you like to dance?

5.      Declining to dance: No thank you, I'm taking a break.

6.     Sharing the floor: If there is a mixture of dance styles on the floor, ballroom or circle partner dancers have the outside

         circle heading in an anti-clockwise direction.  Rock n Roll dancing is in the middle, Swing on the side.

7.     Dips and Lifts: The only thing to be said about aerials on the social dance floor is: Don't do them. While they may look 'cool'

         the execution of aerials requires training by a qualified instructor. Don't do them by yourself unless you are trained, and

         certainly don't do them on the social dance floor.

8.     Today's beginners will be the good dancers of tomorrow, so be nice to them and dance with them.

9.     Smile, be warm, be personable, be nice.

10.     Be considerate of other couples on the floor. Exercise good floor craft.  No large steps to be taken, dancing should be

         done in a 3 ft circumference.

11.     No stilettos to be worn on the dance floor.

12.       Be happy, be social and have FUN




(all are listed at the end of the current monthly Gig Guide)


N‘n’G Jyve -  


We are commencing a trial of the advanced class only being on the LAST THURSDAY of every month

Social Dancing at 6:30 til 7:15pm.

Beginners Class 7:15 - 8pm  

Social Dancing - 8:00 - 10pm

Entry fees $12 per person (includes lesson)

Week 1  starts first Thursday of every month.


Gold Coast Italo Australian Club, 18 Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters. (CURRENTLY CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE)

Every Thursday night.

Social dancing 8pm-10pm

The Gold Coast Italo Australia Club restaurant is open for meals every Thursday night 5:30pm until 8:30pm

Come and join us on Thursday night, learn another move or two and mix with others who love to Rock and Roll. It's a great way to spend Thursday Evening!

(for video of class and dance night click these links):


facebook business page:

Our facebook page is getting more coverage, please share with your friends and ask them to Like Us. We will continue to keep you up to date with everything through this page and the website.


1950’s & 60’s

Diner available for photo-shoots and small private function.

Any enquiries ph Nevis: 0419 652 739



Rock ‘N’ Roll Dance lessons and social dancing

After today’s Government announcement and careful consideration for everyone’s health and well-being, we have decided to SUSPEND classes until further notice.

Our intent is to re-evaluate the situation after Easter and make further announcements, please check our FB site and Web page for updates. 
Stay safe and look after each other until things settle.

Stay Safe and look after each other until things settle.

Border Rockers

P.S. we luv you all and your dedication and commitment to keeping the art of Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing alive.




Week 1 of our 4-week lesson plan commences the 1st Thursday of each month, (except for June 4th)

beginners & Intermediate and Partner dance lessons.


Cooly Rec Club, 2 Gerrard St, Coolangatta.

There will be a small increase in our fees to $12 per night.

The new venue is Air-conditioned and has a fantastic dance floor.

All welcome!


Border Rockers are going to have a social dance with live music once a month.

If the date coincides with the last Thursday of the month, we will include week 4 lessons.

Dates which do not fall on the last Thursday will be social dancing only, for example,

27th February, 26th March and 28th May will include week 4 lessons.

On the 9th April and 4th June we won't be having lessons... the lessons will continue the following week.

Social dances:

Below is the list of artists:

back to  6:00 social dancing, classes commence 6:30pm when Daylight Saving stops)

19th December     Border Rockers Xmas Party

More Info???

Trevor on 0428 552 550

then have fun dancing and meeting great people.



(click here for flyer or click on Dance Classes/Rock n Roll to read)


Albert Waterways Community Centre Hall,  

Cnr  Hooker & Sunshine Blvdes, Mermaid Waters.

Welcome to Keith and Annette Johns, they will be teaching new moves, 4 step Rock n Roll and partner dances


Intermediate 6:30pm

Basic 7pm

BAND 7:45pm

New Beginners: 1st class free.

Entry Fees:

Students:   $5.00, GCR members $10.00, Visitors $12.00

BYO Drinks & Nibbles.

Check out our website:

facebook page: Goldcoast Rockers

Contact: 0419 500 123 for further information





DRAYTON HALL, 39 Brisbane St, Drayton, Toowoomba

5:30pm Rock n Roll (4 or 8 step) NEW

6:30pm Beginners Social Ballroom,

7:30pm Progressive/fun Dances

8:30pm Intermediate Social Ballroom.




0428 137 962 Mobile



THURSDAY 18/06/20, MONDAY 22/06/20, WEDNESDAY 24/06/20

To comply with current Government regulations the following restrictions apply:

* Limited to twenty students

* Bookings essential 0407 147 181

* No Rotation of partners

* Partnered dance couples only

* 6 step mon/Thurs   8 step Wednesday


Cnr of Ramsay Road and Brand St

Call John Watson to book your place

0407 147 181

Doors open 7:30pm

$12 for club members

$15 for non-members

Tea and coffee provided.

Rock n Beat n Boogie Freestyle Rock n Roll

Date: 27th and 28th June, 12 noon to 2pm

Fours Workshop

Come and learn the new RnR Fun Dance

Awesome 4s

Two couples having fun, enjoying each other's company, learning co-ordinated moves at the same time.

Come and join us - all partnerships,  boy/boy,  girl/girl,  Male/Female

Cost $16.   Styles, 4 step, 6 step, 8 step

Attendance limited to 20 students.

Government covid rules apply

Hemmant Community Centre, Brand St, Hemmant.

Call John Watson to book your place, 0407 147 181.


Breakaways Rock 'n' Roll Dance, Social and Welfare Club Inc.


Lawnton Lions Club Pine Rivers Showgrounds,

757 Gympie Rd, Lawnton.

Rotational dance lessons, no partner required

Every Tuesday

6:00 - 7:00pm  Beginner basics

7:00 - 8:00pm  Beginner Classes

8:00 - 8.30pm  Social Break & Announcements

8.30 - 9.15pm  Intermediate

9:15 - 9:30pm Partner Dancing


Belmont Bowls Club, 20 Narracott St, Carina, 6:30pm-9:30pm

Rotational dance lessons, no partner required.

Every Wednesday

6:00-6.30 Beginners basics

6.30-7.30 Beginners Lesson


8:00-9.00 Advanced lesson

9:00-9:30 Partner dancing

* All times and classes are subject to change.

Our dance classes are 4-week cycles starting at the beginning of each month.

When a month has five Tuesdays or Wednesdays (our dance class nights)

we have a dance social with a band on the fifth week


Annual Fees:

Single:    $20 per year

Couples: $35 per year


Beginners are always welcome to join our friendly social atmosphere.

Coming Dances:

Saturday 18th July:     4:00-11:00pm Lawnton Showgrounds. TWO bands: Atomc Hi-Tones AND Jake and the Cadillacs.

                    $40.00 per person. BYO food and drink. NO glass permitted. (click here for flyer)


Saturday 29th August:  7:00pm-11:00pm Lawnton Showgrounds, Band: The Lincolns. $25 entry. Black and White party.

                    BYO Food & Drinks, NO glass permitted. Prizes for the best dressed male and female costume.

                    (click here for flyer)

Sat 5th September:     4:00-11:00pm Strathpine Community Centre, 199 Gympie Rd, Strathpine (air-cond)  4:00 - 11:00pm

                    TWO bands: Johnny Law & The Pistol Packin' Daddies AND JD Rocker. $40pp. BYO food & drinks. No Glass.

Saturday 10th October: 4:00pm-11:00pm Lawnton Showgrounds. TWO bands: 'Kid' James trio AND Itchy Fingers. $40.

                    7 hours of dancing. BYO nibbles & drinks, NO glass. (click here for flyer)

Saturday 21 November: 4:00-11:00pm Strathpine Community Centre, 199 Gympie Rd, Strathpine (air-cond)  4:00 - 11:00pm

                    TWO bands: Phoenix and The Hellcat III. $40pp. BYO food & drinks. No Glass.

Sat 12th December:     Christmas Party. 7:00-11:00pm. Lawnton Showgrounds. Band: Little Stevie & The Tail Fins.

                    Free for members, non-members $25. BYO Food & drink. NO glass permitted. (click here for flyer)

Social Nights:

Tuesday 31st March:     6:30pm-9:30pm Lawnton Showgrounds, Band: The Tri-Tones $12 members, $14 non-members.

                    Bring a plate. (click here for flyer)

Contact Jean for more info and bookings on 0427 233 634.

Postal address: PO BOX 1473, BROWNS PLAINS BC QLD 4118



Facebook: Breakaways Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance, Social & Welfare Club Inc.



Contact: Mark: 0415 666 523, or Amanda: 0418 887 136.

Email:    Web:  

Mondays: Benowa Tavern, 117 Ashmore Rd Benowa.

Classes 7:00 til 9:30pm. (Mark and Jane)

Week 1 commencing the first of each month.

Wednesday: Salisbury Scout Hall, cnr Cripps St & Blackwood Rd, Salisbury.

Lindy (Mark & Shirley)  7:00-9:30pm

3rd Saturday of Month, 6:30-10:00pm Oasis Broadbeach (Under the Sails), Social Swing and Rock n Roll

1930's & 40's Lindy Hop, Charleston & Balboa.

Learn to Swing Dance in a friendly, fun atmosphere.

1st Class Half Price!  

OR introduce a NEW friend to our classes & get our... 2 for 1 offer!

NO partner required.

Swing it, Rock it, Lindy Hop it!



(We teach Rockabilly).

Venue: Swifts Sports Club, cnr Green St/Brisbane Rd, Booval.

Monday nights.

7:30pm til 9:30 except on 3rd Monday of month,

when we hold a social dance with RnR entertainer. (next one 7th March, $15 non-members. Band: Old 45's).


or Facebook: Just Rock Ipswich.



Cadillac Rockers

That's right folks!


Head on over and check it out now at:


Dance tuition, dance shoes, clothing and apparel and more!

Dance Workshops Saturday 11 July at 2:30pm

Murwillumbah NSW.

2:30-3:30pm / 6-step Rock'n'Roll

4:00-5:00pm / 8-step Rock'n'Roll

Limited availability!  Bookings essential

Only $25 per person.

For Bookings or enquiries: Ph Jake: 0413 388 528 or EMAIL:



Rock 'n' Roll Dance Classes

COFFS HARBOUR & SURROUNDS AND GRAFTON   Classes are full ATM because of government restrictions.

We wil be happy when we can have our normal program on Wednesday nights

Please understand that when we can increase class sizes we will because we are staggering Intermediate/Advanced to accommodate those long time students for a couple of weeks until further changes are made by Glady. Dust off your dancing shoes.

New Venue: Boambee Hall behind the wimpy.

Tuesdays. 7:00pm

7:00 Intermediate and advanced lessons

7:45 Beginners lessons

followed by social dance afterwards.

We teach Rock n Roll, Lindy Hop, Swing Jive and Balboa.

We also specialise in Workshops of your choice.

For more info contact:

Sandy & Dale

Ph 02 6651 4108 or 0421 130 076    



The Wanderers band from Brisbane have disbanded.


The RollerCoasters have disbanded.


The Rock'n'Roll Boys, a great-sounding duo from Gympie

The Rock n Roll Boys is a Gympie-based duo or trio that, true to it’s name, presents rapid-fire

rock and roll music that keeps dance floors full all night.

The 2019 highlight for the boys was the release of their CD, Dancin’ Days. This collection of 12 original dance songs blends in beautifully with classics such as Elvis, Beatles, Eddie Cochran and Bill Haley as well as a few 70s show stoppers from the likes of Billy Joel, Eric Clapton and Neil Diamond.

Backed by live-recorded bass & drums, Bob Cole and Andy Stokes provide all live vocals and guitars. For an even fuller sound, we can be joined by Brisbane piano legend, Chas Whitling to perform as a trio.

Rock and Roll dancers flock to our shows from Brisbane to Gladstone. We also play most of the major retro-styled festivals across SE and central Qld. We’ve all been in and around the entertainment game for well over 30 years so we feel we have a pretty good handle on what people want when it comes to this style of dance music. 

We provide top quality, non-stop rock and roll that keeps people on to the dance floor and can add dinner music as well if you wish. 

We are equally at home playing in small and large venues and have an expandable PA system that can be adapted for the smallest room, the largest auditorium or any outdoor venue. Our repertoire is squarely aimed at those who love good old rock and roll music and love to dance.


Bob Cole:       0407 173 690

Andy Stokes: 0412 317 928 (there is a link to their website on the Bands page too.)



The RocknRollaBillys

The RocknRollaBillys are Leona Stevens (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, drums/percussion), Andrew Stokes (back-up vocals, lead guitar, cigar box guitar, electronic drum programming) and Jo-Maree Stokes (Double Bass, support vocals, costuming).  

The RocknRollaBillys were originally conceived by Andrew as a back-up alternative to the popular 'Rock 'n' Roll Boys' when lead singer Bobby Cole was off on one of his overseas adventures.  However, they are quickly becoming a popular favorite amongst the Rock n Roll dancers and clubs of South East QLD. They are commited to re-creating a 'yester-year' experience with great 50's/60's style dance tunes, retro custom-made costuming, and through using instruments common to the era – including Elvis mics. Andrew, Jo-Maree and Leona also know what the dancers like to hear, as they are Rock n Roll Dancers themselves.

The RocknRollaBillys are becoming known as a great club band due to their interesting sound and their unique renditions of popular toe-tapping dance music. They cover classic and more modern Rock and Roll dance tunes as well as Swing, Rockabilly and Jive.  Their targeted, yet diverse, range of tempos cover 4-step, 6-step and 8-step Rock n Roll styles and also allows the more serious dancers to do many other dance styles including Cha Cha, Tango, Lindy Hop, various Partner Dances, and even some Line Dancing.  For those who don't take their dancing that seriously, they can sit back and be entertained by a professional band that will have them laughing, singing along and dancing in their seats as they recreate and reinterpret the great sounds of days gone by fattened up with modern electronic drum/rhythm technology delivered though quality PA and subs.  They also bring enough lighting to effectively add a party/celebratory ambience to the performances and when required can organise Rock 'n' Roll Dance demonstrators to perform.

Leona Stevens is rightly described as another “Wanda Jackson” or “Emelda Mae”with her powerful bluesy rock 'n' roll/Rockabilly voice and attractive presentation. Leona developed her love for music while hanging around with her older brothers and her father who were working musicians in and around the Sydney music scene. After discovering her uniquely powerful voice they often got her up to sing with them. She also went on to perform in her own bands in Sydney for many years.  As well as an exceptional lead vocalist, Leona is also competent on guitar and drums. Since moving north to Queensland, Leona has been performing extensively in major QLD venues including more recently as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the popular South East QLD club band 'Sera Loons'.  She has shared stages with the likes of Phil Emanuel and performed at many major music venues including regular appearances at the Gympie Music Muster.  

Andrew Stokes has been a professional comedic entertainer and musician for more than 25 years.  He grew up surrounded by music, being the son of a music teacher who had achieved the highest levels of musical training possible on piano.  By the time Andrew was ten years old he was playing piano, trumpet, guitar, cornet, ukulele, and learned to sing harmonies. He also played drums at times in his mother's old-time dance band that performed in the local dance halls in South East Qld towns near where they lived. Andrew went on to play in the clubs and pubs around Brisbane and worked as a booking agent for two major Queensland entertainment booking agencies.  More recently for over 10 years Andrew was the lead guitarist, backup singer, musical director and band leader for the highly successful corporate function band 'The Dukes of Rhythm'.  Andrew also founded, and still performs with, the heavily-booked retro-dance club duo the 'Rock n Roll Boys'. The Rock 'n' Roll Boys have a large following of dancers and repeatedly perform at most of the major Clubs and Rock n Roll/Rockabilly festivals in South East QLD.  They have recently released their first CD of original Rock 'n' Roll style songs.  

Jo-Maree Stokes is the very talented, very patient and long-suffering wife of Andrew Stokes.  Jo-Maree has been involved in music since she was 8 years old when she began lessons on flute and piano.  She went on to perform with various groups and orchestras as well as serving as chorister for large vocal groups.  More recently she has immersed herself in the Rock 'n' Roll/Rockabilly scene taking up the Double Bass, making 50's costumes and helping Andrew build a 1950's style Teardrop camper trailer.  Having endured 'Little Instrument Syndrome' as a flautist for many years, she is very proud that, although she is still the shortest person in the band, she now plays the biggest instrument on the stage.  Joey (as she is affectionately known) drives the band with her consistent pumping double-bass playing makes it a great band to dance to.

Sample Videos:

For bookings and enquiries please call or text:

Andrew Stokes on 0412 317 928 or email us on

You can also find us on Facebook at


Musician looking for a new band or fill-in work:

Drummer / bass guitar / rhythm guitar / vocals - can harmonise.

58 years experience, mainly plays Rock n Roll / Country / modern country.

Graeme Oldham moved to northern NSW from Sydney a couple of years ago.  

PH 0467 631 315


The Tri-Tones

Facebook: The Tri-Tones

Authentic Rockabilly and Rock n Roll 3 piece band

Contact Adam: 0412 089 639

or Matt: 0411 244 074

Facebook: search The Tri-Tones (They're the 2nd one up with the logo of an orange cartoon cat)

Rockabilly, Blues, Alternative Country and Early Rock. Feel, authenticity, love for the genres, Musicianship. Experience, quality, accessible, dance your feet off.

Brothers Matthew and Adam O’Connor have been playing music together for their whole lives and swap instruments like it’s “nothin but a thang”. They have been the backbone of Lock ‘n’ Load for the last 5 years and are still rockin’ that space. But a calling to do some extra repertoire in the intimate setting of a trio has inspired them to combine with a powerhouse drummer and rock a broader range of stuff that will echo with all dance styles. Come see this band and you will not regret the effort as they will infect you with the enthusiasm of the great music genres of the 20th Century. GET ALONG!!



I now also have a rock and roll solo act under the name of Billy Carte.  Included in my repertoire are some songs from mid fifties artists I have been researching e.g. Charlie Feathers, Johnny Burnette, Warren Smith, and of course the early Carl Perkins.  They are worth a look on YouTube if you get a chance. Details are shown below for a gig at Just Rock Ipswich in February.

From Mike from Cool Change.


Double Deuce

(Classic Hits 'n' Misses)

Brent Lillie and Linda Street

Facebook: Linda Street


The Humbugs - Award Winning Band (click here for flyer on The Humbugs)

The Humbugs have reforme

Mario Farrugia on Vocals/Guitar

John Guyer on Vocals/Guital

Steve Richards on Vocals/Keyboards

Kent Robinson on Vocals/Bass

Laurie Keating on Vocals/Drums

Playing your favourite music, the way it was...

huge venue.... huge dance floor.

Come and check out this band... I'm sure you'll want to and will be seeing them again soon!!!


Ph 0402 180 867


The Hemis (for photo click here)

The Hemis are a three piece band based in Brisbane who specialise in playing 1950s inspired rock'n roll. 

We are three musicians who have played in various bands around Brisbane and have been brought

together by a love of roots Rock'n Roll. We can play (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast areas) 

from one hour to four hours and as loud or as quiet as you like. 

We all have experience in playing commercial venues and our set ups are quick and professional.


Vocals, Lead Guitar - Trevor Rennie

Drums, vocals - Dave Prout

Double bass, vocals - Brad Tabe


For booking and press inquiries, please contact:

Trevor 0407 604 102

Click here to go to Bands then click on The Hemis.


The Rockin Bodgies

Have a new website:

Check out their profiles, the gig guide, latest news, photos and of course,

contact details so that you can book them for your next function!

Ph 07 3341 4380.


Glenn Callaghan (solo artist) (country)

Rock Steady (duo)

Rock Steady (trio) (Classic Rock n Roll)

Talk of the Town (with Laura Doolan) www.

Laura Doolan Trio (with Laura and Debbie Fitzsummons)

facebook: Glenn Callaghan (more up to date than the website)

Ph 07 5426 4767

0417 003 986


The Dukes (new lineup January 2018)

Darby Burger & Rex Harris

Singing classic hits and favourites. Come in and join the fun!

When everything old is new

Check out their bio and their gig guide on:



ChevyXpress.  (click here for flyer)


Gold Coast Rock 'n' Roll band, formerly known as PPR Express have re-branded the name to ChevyXpress

to coincide with the release of the band's latest 10 track album entitled 'Red Hot Mama'.

This change will take place with the launching of the new album at Club Banora on Saturday 18th of August 2018.

We are excited about the change and look forward to sharing our new brand of Rock 'n' Roll with our loyal friends and followers.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank past and present fans for all the support we've received from right back to the old Chevrolet days.

We look forward to seeing you at a live band venue in the future.

Yours truly,

The lads from ChevyXpress.

Phil Eizenberg guitar,

Roger Dunlop guitar,

Pete Hall bass,

Pete Van Roy drums.  

4 veteran musicians who have worked the music scene in Australia and NZ since 1964 collectively playing in bands: The Ferrits, The Mighty Guys, Jimmy and the boys, The Bitter End, The Viscounts, Kerry Kennedy and Double Barrel, The Chevrolet's, The Good Rockin Daddies and Conspiracy.

Band members over the years have toured and worked with The Animals, Dave Dee, Tony Christie, Ray Columbus, Normie Rowe, The Atlantic's just to name a few, and involvement in Stage Shows Jesus Christ Super Star, and The Rocky Horror Show.

All band members have worked in TV shows on both sides of the Tasman, and have worked as session musicians for a wide host of recording artists, plus Phil was in house guitarist for Polygram records.

ChevyXpress play good old Rock n Roll from the late 50s to the 70s, they have an Album out called Red Hot Momma. 7 tracks are original compositions.

For bookings or more information contact:

Roger Dunlop on:

Mob: 0449256 166

Home: 5502 0991

or Pete van Roy

Mob: 0422 604 110


The Peninsula Jazz band

Date: Sunday 20 May; 24 June; 29 July; 26 August (and the last Sunday of each month except nothing in December)

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Venue: Sandgate Bowls Club, 50 Keogh Street, Sandgate

$8.00 entry to cover costs

Peninsula Jazz Band, all styles of dancing possible to the music (Swing; Rock n roll; Ballroom)

or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere; great, large, wooden dance floor in this lovely, original Club. Coffee, tea & bar open.

Any enquiries to: Fred 0414 388 694.

This fabulous band only plays once a month, don't miss out on the fun.

Get out of the rut & support local bands & clubs for continued enjoyment of great music & to hold onto local venues.


New Show Coming:

"That 60's Show"

Featuring Lisa Kaye Stewart, Bv's Denny D, Drums and Percussion Les Woodford, Keys and Musical Productin Alan Laguda.

For video clip on utube click on:

This looks very impressive - great choice of songs, costumes and great performance. Don't miss it!  Dates TBA.


If you see a band you like, get their business card and / or gig guide and email me their contact details, and I can include them in the future.

If you know of an event coming up that isn’t listed here, it's probably because no-one has told me, so if you let me know what's coming up, I'm happy to put it in. 

If you wish to place an advert in either the gig guide or on the website, please contact Pauline (details below).



(Note well: Your passport must have 6 months validity from the date of sail)

Your travel documentation must be in the same name as it appears in your passport.

Travel Insurance is Highly Recommended.

You will need a USA adaptor for Royal Caribbean ships.

Check out all the flyers under the Cruises tab at the top of the website and scroll down to Cruises/Travel.


I have moved all the Cruise information to that page, as it was making the newsletter too long.

If you need to buy someone a present, you can buy a travel voucher made out to any value that you can present to them to be used towards their next or a nominated trip.

Contact the girls for more info at

The Travel Studio

Q Super Centre, Cnr Bermuda and Markeri Sts, Mermaid Waters Qld 4218.


Ph (07) 55 72 72 72

Mention you read about it on Pauline's Website!!! Thanks

IN 2020 THERE WILL BE THREE MUSIC CRUISES, and as of June, they are all still on:

CRUISIN' COUNTRY               (click here for flyer)

ROCK THE BOAT,                    (click here for flyer)


Cruisin' Country 2020 - 5th-13th October 2020, 8 nights.  departing Sydney on Serenade of the Seas. Ports Lifou, Isle of Pines, Noumea.

Artists: Lee Kernaghan, with Tania & Ray Kernaghan, Troy Cassar-Daley with Laurel Edwards, Clay & Jem Cassar-Daley, Adam Harvey with Leylah & Conway Harvey, Gina Jeffreys with Rod & Jacky McCormack, The Kirkpatrick family with Anne & David Kirkpatrick, Jim Arneman & Flora Smith, Amber Lawrence with Loz Lawrence, The French Family with Camille O& Stuie with Sonny French, Johnny Cash Live featuring Daniel Thompson & Stuie Frence, The Kids of Country Band, Nick Erby, Chad Morgan, Simply Bushed, Feral Swing Katz, The Toombs Brothers, Brothers 3, The Buckleys, Jetty Road, Brad Butcher, Greg Champion, Tracey Killeen - on the trail of Patsy Cline, Buddy Goode, The  Hillbilly Goats, Bush Poets with Grant Luhrs, Melanie Hall & Susan Carcary, Greg North & Gary Fogarty, Billy Bridge & Rebecca Lee Nye with family, Mike Carr, Ruby Saltbush, The Muirs, Ashleigh & Brett Dallas, The Viper Creek Band, Mick Buckley's Piano Show, Small Town Romance, Homegrown, Carly & Roo Mackerras, Uke-ol-Opry Workshops with Chris Bodey.

Bravo 2020 - 13th - 20th October, departing Sydney on Serenade of the Seas. Ports Noumea, Isle of Pines. Taking pre-registrations.

Anthony Warlow (Am) with special guest Amanda Lea LaVergne, Ruthie Henshall (UK),

Teddy Tahu-Rhodes, Peter Coleman-Wright (AO), Cheryl Barker (AO), David Hobson, Mirusia,

Richard Troxell (USA), Nexas Quartet, Guy Noble, Jonathon Welch (AM), The Metropolitan Orchestra, Composers in Exile

Sam Roberts-Smith, Georgia Wilkinson, Shakira Dugan, Daniel Todd, Ambre Hammond, Figaro, Stomping Ivories,

Chris Lloyds, Sophie Foster, The Jazz Kings, Vov Dylan and Glenn Amer, Swing Force Big Band, Antonio & Kate Villano,

The Carpenters from Kempsey, Ssh there's a Lady On Stage, The Cellists of TMO, Divalicious, The Ooh La La, The Hamiltons,

Trina Lincoln and Held to Ransom, Tenori, Sarah Maclaine Trio, The Shades, Duets with Daz and Deb,

Shelley & Robertson presents 'Timeless', Jess & Matt, Bravo Quartet, Aura, Francis Greep.

Over 45 performers on board.

Rock The Boat 2020 - 24 November - 1 December, 7 nights, departing BRISBANE on Radiance of the Seas, Ports Isle of Pines and Noumea. Celebrating the 10th Rock the Boat.  

Starring Suzi Quatro, Jon Stevens, Russell Morris, Ross Wilson, Adam Thompson: Bohemian Rhapsody, The Radiators, Satisfaction - The Stones Show, Dirty Deeds, The Great Creedence Revival Show,

The Tina Turner Show feat. Rebecca O'Connor, Bourbon Street, New Romantics, 70's British Invasion, Clearway, Haxan, Kevin Borich Express, Bob Spencer Band, The Hall of Famers Band, Dai Pritchard Band, UK Bllitz, Pete Robinson Band, Stomping Ivories, Americana Highway, Dino Jag, Zoltan, McKenzie, Hype Band, Hype duo, Trainwreck duo.

Pre-release was on Thursday, and it goes on sale to the public on 12th April.

Interior cabins have been going like hotcakes, and there might not be any left by the time you read this!). I know a lot missed out this year as Susi Quatro has been very popular, so if you want to see her next year, get in quick.

Call to Book!

The Travel Studio

Q Super Centre, Cnr Bermuda and Markeri Sts, Mermaid Waters Qld 4218.

Ph (07) 55 72 72 72

Mention you read about it on Pauline's Website!!! Thanks.

For a copy of the flyer please email Pauline on and I'll forward it on to you.


This information was accurate when given to me by the businesses mentioned or researched, and forwarded on in good faith, but is liable to be changed without notice.

I take no responsibility for information that might be changed for reasons out of my control.

Please Feel Free to confirm all information given here, and let me know if any of my updates have been incorrect.

As ever, if you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, please hit reply, and put cancel and your name in the Subject line, and you won’t be sent the newsletters again, but you can still access my website, and Pauline’s Dancer's Gig Guide, whenever you like.

The gig guide is in PDF format (the best way to have it so everyone can view it the same.) You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download it and install it for free.


Keep rockin’, and be happy,

Kind regards

Pauline Schafer

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